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Review on the Tectonic Terranes Associated with Metallogenic Zones in Southeast Asia TEXT SIZE: A A A
The paper presents an overview of the relationships between the interior structures of tectonic terranes and the distribution of tectonic-metallogenic zones in Southeast Asia. Episodic tectonic activities occurred in this archipelagic area, generating metallogenic belts in multi-terranes. Since the Late Paleozoic, opening and closure of the Paleotethys and Neotethys led to multiple suture zones between different blocks, mainly between the Indochina terrane, the Nambung terrane, the Sibumasu terrane and the West Myanmar terrane. During the Mesozoic to Cenozoic, the formation of accreted terranes and their related islands was caused by subduction and collision processes between the Pacific and Australian plates toward the Eurasian Continent, forming Sundaland and its affiliated islands, the Philippines and its subsidiary islands, the Papua New Guinea terrane and its related islands and the Sunda epicontinental arc system. Within the margin of terranes resulted in the structural transfer zones, their secondary tectonic units can be divided into island arc belts, back-arc basins, suture zones, marginal fold belts and orogenic belts. The metallogenic assemblages are mainly distributed within these structural zones of the terranes. According to the relationship between these tectonic units and the distribution of mineral resources, the tectonic-metallogenic belts can be divided into 24 metallogenic belts in Southeast Asia. They are characterized by a diversity and frequency of metallogenic material combination which is likely to reflect the complexity of the material distribution during mineralization processes, mostly by the structural transformation during the dissociation- convergence process between multiple terranes. Therefore, the formation of ore deposits was not only restricted by the evolution (opening and closure) of Paleo- and Neotethys, but may also be controlled by the interaction of the terranes with different tectonic attributes which provided multiple sources of metallogenic material.

Publication name

 JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCE, 30 (1):1-19; 10.1007/s12583-019-0858-0 FEB 2019


 Zhang, Zhengwei; Shu, Qiao; Yang, Xiaoyong; Wu, Chengquan; Zheng, Chaofei; Xu, Jinhong

Corresponding author(s) 

 ZHANG Zhengwei
 Chinese Acad Sci, State Key Lab Ore Deposit Geochem, Inst Geochem, Guiyang 550002, Guizhou, Peoples R China.
 YANG Xiaoyong
 Univ Sci & Technol China, CAS Key Lab Crust Mantle Mat & Environm, Sch Earth & Space Sci, Hefei 230026, Anhui, Peoples R China.

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