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Lead Isotopic Compositions of Selected Coals, Pb/Zn Ores and Fuels in China and the Application for Source Tracing TEXT SIZE: A A A
Lead (Pb) pollution emission from China is becoming a potential worldwide threat. Pb isotopic composition analysis is a useful tool to accurately trace the Pb sources of aerosols in atmosphere. In this study, a comprehensive data set of Pb isotopes for coals, Pb/Zn ores, and fuels from China was presented. The ratios of (206)pb/(207)pb and (208)pb/Pb-206 in the coals were in the range of 1.114-1.383 and 1.791-2.317, similar to those from Europe, Oceania, and South Asia, but different from those from America (p < 0.01). The Pb/Zn ores had Pb-296/Pb-202 and Pb-208/Pb-206 in 1.020-1.183 and 2.088-2.309, less radiogenic than the coals. Leaded gasolines showed similar Pb isotopic compositions to Pb/Zn ores, with unleaded gasolines and diesels being mixed sources. The average Pb isotopic ratios of gasolines and diesels were significantly different (p < 0.01) from those of coals in China, leading to the possibility to discriminate Pb in fuels from in coals. Urban aerosols demonstrated similar Pb isotopic compositions to coals, Pb/Zn ores, and fuels in China. After removing the leaded gasoline, the Pb in aerosols is more radiogenic, supporting the coal combustion to the atmospheric Pb pollution.

Publication name

 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 51 (22):13502-13508; 10.1021/acs.est.7b04119 NOV 21 2017


 Bi, Xiang-Yang; Li, Zhong-Gen; Wang, Shu-Xiao; Zhang, Lei; Xu, Rui; Liu, Jin-Ling; Yang, Hong-Mei; Guo, Ming-Zhi

Corresponding author(s) 

 BI Xiangyang 
 China Univ Geosci, Sch Earth Sci, State Key Lab Biogeol & Environm Geol, Wuhan 430074, Hubei, Peoples R China.

Author(s) from IGCAS   LI Zhonggen

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