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Academician HOU Defeng  (1900-1982)
Geologist and geochemist, the first former director general of this institute.

Academician GUO Chengji (1917-1997)
Mineralogist and geochemist, Former director of rare earth eements section  of this institute 
Academician Liu Dongsheng  (1917-2008) 
Quaternary and environmental geochemist, Former director of environmental geochemistry section  of this institute. 
Prof. Liu is recognized as the pioneer of paleoenvironmental research on Chinese loess-soil sequences. His research over the last several decades has clearly demonstrated that loess provides a complete and accurate continental record of environmental change. The fine-grained dust is now widely considered one of three reliable sources of past environmental information; the other two are deep-sea sediments and Arctic ice cores. Liu's accumulated work on the loess/paleosol sequences has also led to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the variability through time of the Southeast Asian monsoon system.
Prof. Liu proved to be influential in both domestic and international geological and geo-environmental circles. He played a key role in the establishment of State laboratories and institutions for environmental research, and in the development of environmental science in China. He devoted full emotion and enthusiasm, promoted international cooperation and communication involving a broad range of scientists who have interest in some way in loess, and collaborated fruitfully with scholars worldwide. These efforts have boosted Chinese contributions to the advances of environmental science, and led to the blooming of Chinese loess research in international scientific forums over past decades.
Prof. Liu was elected a CAS Member in 1980, and he was a laureate of many prestigious awards, including the Tyler Prize for Environment Achievement in 2002, the National Supreme S&T Award in 2003, and the European Geosciences Union Award in 2007.

Academician Tu Guangchi (1920-2007)
Mineral Deposit and geochemical scientist, Former director of general of this institute. 

 Academician Ouyang Ziyuan   
Cosmochemist and geochemist, the chief scientist of exploring moon project of China.
Email: ouyangziyuan@vip.gyig.ac.cn

Academician Fu Jiamo
Organic geochemist, 
Academician Sun Dazhong (1932-1997)
Precambrian geologist
Academician An Zhisheng
Quaternary geologist

Academician LIU Congqiang






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