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Dr. WANG Lin from Geophysical Laboratory Visits IGCAS TEXT SIZE: A A A

Invited by Prof. ZHAI Shuangmeng at the CAS Key Laboratory of High-Temperature and High-Pressure Study of the Earth’s Interior, Dr. WANG Lin, a Carnegie postdoctoral fellow from Geophysical Laboratory, visited IGCAS during April 24-26.

On April 25th, Dr. WANG Lin presented a talk entitled “Dislocation in olivine and development of pressure generation in large-volume press”, in which he described the effects of temperature, pressure and water content on the dislocation in olivine and the geophysical implications, recent technical development of pressure generation in large-volume press by using sintered diamond anvils, and possible topics for further discussion and collaboration. The presentation was greatly appreciated by the researchers and students, and was followed by lively interactive discussions.

During his stay in IGCAS, Dr. WANG Lin visited the main large-volume high-pressure facilities, and discussed the future collaboration with several professors.

WANG Lin obtained his Ph.D. from Bayerisches Geoinstitut, University of Bayreuth in 2018, and then joined Geophysical Laboratory as a Carnegie postdoctoral fellow. He is working with Prof. FEI Yingwei on the connectivity of iron sulfide liquid in a Bridgemanite matrix. He is also interested in the rheology of Earth's materials and high pressure generation.


 Dr. WANG Lin giving the talk

(By Prof. ZHAI Shuangmeng's group)

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