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Numerical earth scientist visit IGCAS TEXT SIZE: A A A

Invited by associate Prof. Dan Zhu, assistant Prof. Catherine Annen from University of Geneva visited the Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGCAS) this week. Annen is a numerical earth scientist working on magmatic processes, growth of plutons and magma chambers, genesis of differentiated magmas, the relationship between plutonism and volcanism, and volcanic hazards. She gave a talk titled as ‘Magma body emplacement and magmatic processes: What do heat transfer computations tell us?’ during her one-week stay in IGCAS.

In her talk, Annen introduced the basic concepts of heat transfer computation. She emphasized the incremental emplacement way of magma. She showed several examples to illustrate how her numerical methods can be used to clarify some key issues in the field of igneous rock, such as the reasons of formation of I-type, S-type or A-type granites, the constraints of forming magma chambers, and how to estimate the hidden volume of a magmatic body below a certain size of magma aureole.

    During her stay, assistant Prof. Annen spent a lot of time to discuss with Prof. Dan Zhu, and also visited the theoretical & computational geochemistry group in IGCAS. Dan Zhu and Annen have discussed scientific problems for several years by internet. After this personal visit to IGCAS, they can deepen the collaboration with each other in the field of heat transfer computation.   (provided by Yuan Jie  edited by networks center)


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