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Vol. 50, No.5, Tot No.349 2022 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 50, No.5, Tot No.349  2022


Research Results


Effects of Different Land Uses on the Concentrations of Dissolved  Inorganic Carbon (DIC) and Its Carbon Isotopic Compositions (δ13CDIC) in the Rivers Flowing into the Erhai Lake

LAI Chaowei et al


Effect of Different Carbonate Rocks on the Migration and Transformation  of Heavy Metals in the Lead zinc Smelting Slag plant System

LI Xingying et al


Application of the Improved Precipitation Method in the Detection of  Stable Isotope of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon
ZHAO Zhichao et al


Characteristics of Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotopes in Different Water  Bodies of Salix Gordejevii Forest in the South Edgeof Hunshandake Sand Land
YANG Lina et al


Response of Leaf Functional Traits of Woody Plants to Degraded Karst Soil in Central Guizhou
WANG Qi et al


Suitability of the 137Cs and 210Pbex Techniques for Dating of Sediments in the Yellow River Delta and the Aadjacent Sea Area

ZHANG Xinbao et al


Exposure Level and Health Risk Assessment of Cadmium and Fluoride in Agricultural Products at Abnormal Karst Background Area in Guizhou Province
LUO Guofei et al


The Characteristic of Adsorption of Inorganic Mercury and  Methylmercury by Rice Husk Biochar
DANG Yaqin et al


The Geomorphic Indices of the Three Gorges Area and Their Indication to the Location of Paleo Divide

DAI Bin et al


The Leaching Features of Mercury from Lead zinc Mine Tailings and the Subsequent Migration and Transformation Characteristics in Paddy Soil

SUN Rongguo et al


Distribution Characteristics of Soil PAHs in Wuda Mining Area,Inner Mongolia

YUAN Keyue et al


Characteristics of the Temporal Evolution and Source Apportionment of BC Aerosols in Wuhan from 2008 to 2018

WANG Honglei et al


Distribution Characteristics and Source Apportionment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Groundwater of a Coal Mining Area based on PMF and PCA APCS MLR Model

ZHAO Dashuang et al

733 Temporal and Spatial Variation and Cause of Shallow Groundwater  Chemistry in Binzhou City
QI Xuanxuan et al
744 Effects of Different Drying Methods on the Determination of Soil Nitrogen Forms in Karst Watershed
GU Yongbo et al

Special Subject and Review


Current Status and Prospects of Phytoremediation of Mercury Contaminated Soils
WANG Lu et al


Microbial Cycle Processes of Mercury in Rice Rhizosphere Soil

WANG Heng et al


A Review of Heavy Metal Removal from Soil by Electrokinetic Remediation
ZHAO Peng et al

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