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Vol. 50, No.2, Tot No.346 2022 TEXT SIZE: A A A


Vol. 50, No.2, Tot No.346 2022 


Research Results


Interannual Variations and Source Analysis of Major Ions in Snow from Cona Region, Eastern Himalayas

LI Changxiang et al

171  Spatial and Temporal Distribution and Sources of Organic Carbon in Caohai Wetland of Weining,Guizhou Province
LI Kai et al 


Effects of Natural Organic Matter with Different Composition on the Mobility of Arsenic in Soil
HUO Lijuan et al


Characteristics and Risk Analysis of Heavy Metal Pollution in Farmland around Panzhihua Coal Mining Area

ZHANG Tuo et al


Tufa Landscapes in the Key Scenic Areas of the Jiuzhaigou Natural World Heritage Site: A Critical Review and Future Research Needs

QIAO Xue et al


Evolution Progress and Driving Factors for Aquatic Vegetation of Nansi Lake in Shandong Province over the Past 40 Years
XU Peiyao et al


Contaminations and Health Risks of Heavy Metals from the Roadside Greenbelt Soils and Dust along the BRT Platform in Lanzhou
LI Jun et al 


Temporal and Spatial Variations of Flood Events of the Yangtze River over the Past 2000 Years

LI Yufan et al


Experiment  Research


Effect of Plant Configurations on Performance of Constructed Wetlands for Swine Wastewater Treatment at Low Temperatures

YANG Guang et al


Adsorption Characteristics of Arsenic and Cadmium by Lanthanum Modified Biochar
XUE Bingsong et al


Effects and Mechanisms of Iodide Ion on Kinetics of Tl (I) Oxidation by Hypochlorite
HUANG Yuheng et al


Special Subject and Review


Research Progress on Emergency Treatment and Disposal Technologies of Sudden Water
Pollution by Heavy Metals

LIU Enguang et al


Regulation of Marine Organisms on the Transport and Transformation of Microplastics
XUE Runze et al


Research Progress on Toxicity Effects of Typical Engineering Nanomaterials on Algae 
YANG Donghong et al




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