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Vol. 48, No.4, Tot No.336 2020 TEXT SIZE: A A A


Vol. 48, No.4, Tot No.336 2020 

Research Results 


Vertical Profile, Source and Potential Ecological Risk of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Sediment Cores from the Qingshan Reservoir of Hangzhou
ZHANG Ming et al


Adaptation Strategies of Three Dominant Plants in the Trough-valley Karst Region of Northern Guizhou Province, Southwestern China, Evidence from Associated Plant Functional Traits and Ecostoichiometry
YANG Yong et al


Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Soil during Primary Succession in Hailuogou Glacier Retreat Area
YANG Danli et al


Chemical Characteristics and Genesis of Deep Groundwater in the Xinji Mining Area
HUANG Wangwang et al


Source Apportionment of Heavy Metals in Surface Sediments of the Jiulong River Estuary Based on Positive Matrix Factorization
LIN Chengqi et al 


Applied Study


Spatial-temporal Dynamics of the Fractional Vegetation Coverage in the Headwaters of the Jialing River from 1987 to 2015
JU Zhansheng et al


Spatiotemporal Variation of the Vegetation Coverage in Guizhou from 2000 to 2017 and Its Response to the Climate Change

ZHANG Beibei et al


Evaluation of the Geological Hazard Vulnerability in the Beiliu City Based on GIS and Information Value Model
CHEN Lihua et al


Source Inventory and Characteristics of Air Pollutants from Fossil Fuel Combustion Sources in Fuxin City
ZHAO Xiaoliang et al


Special Subject and Review  


Review on Risk Assessment Model and Method of Heavy Metal Pollution in Farmland Soil
MENG Yuansi et al


Review on Effects of Aquatic Plants on the Greenhouse Gas Emission from Freshwater Ecosystems
GONG Xiaojie et al


Experiment Research


Determination of Lincomycin Hydrochloride in Environmental Water Samples by the Ru(bipy)2+3-Ce(IV) Chemiluminescence System
LONG Xingyu et al


Study on Adsorption Characteristics and Kinetics of Methylmercury in Water by Aphanizomenon flosaquae and Microcystis aeruginosa
LIU Chaoshu et al



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