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Vol. 47, No.2, Tot No.328 2019 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 47, No.2, Tot No.328 2019



Research Results 


Nitrogen Isotope Ratios in Leaves from Degraded Plant Communities in a Yellow Soil Region of The Karst Plateau
LUO Xuqiang et al


The Spationtemporal Change of Active Accumulated Temperature ≥10℃ in the Guizhou Plateau from 1961 to 2015
JIANG Xiao et al


A Numerical Simulation Study Using the DRYESM Model on the Thermal Stratification and Its Controlling Factors in the Hongfeng Reservoir
LU Dingpan et al


The Responses of Leaf Photosynthesis and Photorespiration to the Simulated Drought by Two Moraceae Plants
LI Huan et al


Speciation and Bioavailability of Heavy Metals in Soils near a National Highwayin Xiamen
ZHANG Weihua et al


Distribution and Composition of Watersoluble Nitrogen in Abandoned Cropland Soils from Different Cultivated Areas of Karst Mountain Agricultural System in Guizhou
YANG Cheng et al


Distribution Characteristics of Soil Mercury around Inner Mongolia Steppe Coal Mine Area
WANG Daohan et al


Characteristics of Surface Water Chemistry and Sulfur Hydrogen Oxygen Isotope Composition in Linhuan Mining Area of Huaibei City,Anhui Province
CHEN Xing et al


Applied Study 


Characteristics and Sources of Water Soluble Inorganic Ions in Fine Particulate Matter During Autumn in Changsha
DING Xinhang et al


The Pollution Characteristics of PAEs in Organic Films on Impervious Surfaces (Glass Surfaces) of the Urumqi Downtown
LIU Haofeng et al


Spatial-temporal Characteristics and Control of Environmental Risks of Livestock and Poultry Breeding in Anhui Province, China during 2004-2013
YAN Bojie et al  


Discussion on Selection of the Inflow Point of the Dam Break Debris Flow Based on the Numerical Simulation Model
LIU Xinlei et al


Concentrations of Metal Elements in a Soil Profile of Cement Industrial Zone and Their Application in the Pollution of Cement Dust
LI Yong et al


Special Subject and Review  


Research Progresses of Menthane in Karst Caves
ZENG Guanneng et al

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