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Vol. 45, No.3, Tot No.317 2017 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 45, No.3, Tot No.317 2017


Research Results 



Contrast of 137Cs Content in Slope Soil with Depressions, and Pond Sediments—Sediments Sources, Transportion and Balance of Karst Basin in SW China


ZHANG Xinbao et al (247)


A Study on Secondary Minerals in Different Sediments of Caoduikeng Acid Mine Drainage, Dabaoshan Mine, North Guangdong Province, China


LIU Qiyuan et al (259)


A Study of Soil Physicochemical Properties in Relation to Soil Organic Carbon on Overlying Soil Profiles of Dolomite in Shibing, Southeast of Guizhou Province, China


WU Yanfei et al (267)


Characteristics and Source Identification of Heavy Metals in Subsidence Lake in Zhuxianzhuang Coal Mine in the North of Anhui Province, China


 MA Li et al (277)


A Study on Concentration Correlation between MODIS AOD and PM2.5 in Fuxin City, China


ZHAO Xiaoliang et al (283)


Preliminary Investigation on Concentration and Isotopic Composition of Lead in Coal from Guizhou Province, China


DAI Yuyou et al (290)


Distribution of Nitrate Contents in Groundwater of Shihezi Area, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China and Its Influencing Factors


CHEN Yunfei et al (298)


Research on Distribution Characteristics of Sediment Grain Size and Clay Mineral
in Caofeidian Inshore, China  


ZHU He et al (306)


The Influence of Coal Gangue Utilization for Reclaim Farmland on the Concentrations of Heavy Metals in Rice  


LANG Lang et al (314)


Applied Study 



A Heavy Metals Distribution Characteristics and Pollution Assessment of Suburban Vegetable Region Soils of Fuyang City, China  


CHEN Maohua et al (322)


Pollution Characteristics and Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Soils around the Gangue Heap of HaiZhou Coal Mine, China  


CONG Xin et al (329)


Pollution Characteristic and Health Risk of Heavy Metals in PM2.5 of Xiamen City, China


WANG Shanshan et al (336)


Speciation and Pollution Assessment of Heavy Metals in the Core Sediment of Western Xiamen Bay


HAN Lu et al (342)


Ecological and Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Soil around a New Reservoir in Northern Fujian Province, China


QIU Qijun et al (348)


Assessment of Eco­City Based on Entire­Array­Polygon Evaluation Method — A Case Study of Shanghai City


WENG Lingyan et al (356)


Investigation of Radioactive Level of Coal­bearing Strata in Hezhang,Guizhou Province, China


WANG Guokun et al (363)


Remote Sensing­based Monitoring for Spatial Expansion of Municipal Waste Landfills —— A Case Study of Gaoyan Site in Guiyang City, China


LI Song et al (368)


Experiment Research 



Interaction between Micropore Model Stöber Silica and Organic Matter: An Experimental Study


LI Shanshan et al (374)

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