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Vol. 45, No.1, Tot No.315 2017 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 45, No.1, Tot No.315 2017
Karst Carbon Cycle Model and Its Mechanisms Based on Interactions
among Hydrosphere, Lithosphere, Pedosphere, Atmosphere and Biosphere
(Special Editor in Chief: Professor NI JIAN)


Carbon Cycle in Karst Region of China 


NI Jian et al(1)


A Review of Research Progress and Future Prospective of Carbon Cycle in Karst Area of South China


WANG Shijie et al (2)


Comparison of Physiological and Morphological Traits of Platycarya longipes in Different Slope Locations in Karst Area


RAO Sen et al (10)


Leaf Construction Costs of 34 Dominant Species in Karst Forest, Guizhou Province


TANG Songbo et al (18)


Characterizing and Analyzing Stand Spatial Structure of a Northern Subtropical Karst Secondary Forest in Tianlong Mountain of Central Guizhou Province, China


HU Gang et al (25)


Soil Nutrient Capacity and Forest Tree Sustainability in Plateau Karst Region 


CHEN Ping et al (32)


Distribution Characteristics of Soil Organic Carbon and Its Influencing Factors in a Small Watershed of Karst Region 


ZHANG Zhenming et al (38)


Organic Carbon Source Tracing and DIC Fertilization Effect in the Pearl River: Insights from Lipid Biomarker 


YANG Mingxing et al (46)


Spatial and Seasonal Variations of Hydrochemistry of the Peral River and Implications for Estimating the Rock Weathering­related Carbon Sink   


SUN Hailong et al (57) 


The Sedimentation Rate and Burial Fluxes of Carbon and Nitrogen in Wujinagdu Reservoir, Guizhou, China 


YANG Yuxue et al (66) 


Karst Related Carbon Sink Flux Driven by Water Cycle in Typical Karst Catchments of Guizhou Province and its Main Controlling Factors 


ZENG Cheng et al (74) 


Effects of Land Use Change on DIC Contents and δ13CDIC Values of Surface Water in a Small Karst Catchment in Yinjiang County, Guizhou Province 


HUANG Jun et al (84)


Water Chemistry and Sulfur Isotope of Ground/River Water in Banzhai Small Watershed of Libo and Their Significances for Weathering 


TANG Yang et al (91)


Modelling Carbon Cycle of Karst Evergreen and Deciduous Broad­leaved Mixed Forest during the Last 50 Years


LI Mengde et al (96)


Establishment and Monitoring of Biological Plots at Puding Karst Ecosystem Research Station


NI Jian et al (106)

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