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Vol. 44, No.1, Tot No.309 2016 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 44, No.1, Tot No.309 2016
Research Results  


Spatial Variation of Soil Organic Carbon in Karst Forests of the Southwestern China and its Affecting Facters


HUANG Yimin et al (1)


Hydrochemical Characteristics Study and Genetic Analysis of Groundwater in a Key Region of the Wumeng Mountain, Southwestern China


HONG Tao et al (11)


Effect of Pyrolysis Temperature on Physicochemical Properties of XinJiang Cotton­straw Biochar


HE Yunyong et al (19)


Geochemical Characteristics of Plowing Layer Soil in South Jining Region, Shandong Province, China and Its Contribution Factors  


ZHAO Qingling et al (25)


A Study on Chemical Forms and Leaching Characteristics of Trace Elements in Coal Gangue from Xinhua Coal Mine in Guizhou Province, China


YANG Ya et al (36)


Effect of Three Cations on Total Hardness of Groundwater 


CHEN Jianping et al (47)


Photodegradation Kinetics of Permethrin in Different Soil Texture


LIU Pengyan et al (52)


Applied Study 



Assessment of Sediment Rate of a Kast Hill Peak­cluster Depression Catchment Using 137Cs Technique-A Case Study on Yaji Experimental Site


LI Hao et al (57)


Partial Pressure and Diffusion Flux of Dissolved Carbon Dioxide in Typical Mainstream and Tributaries of the Three Gorges Reservoir during High Water Level Period


FU Jianan et al (64)


Geochemical Characteristics of Rare Earth Elements in Dabaoshan Acid Mine Drainages, Guangdong Province, China


YI Caiwen et al (73)


Concentration and Spatial Distribution Characteristics and Pollution Evaluation on Cd in Soil from Neijiang City, China Based on GIS and Index of Geoaccumulation


XIE Xianjian(82)


Potential Ecological Risk of Heavy Metals in Surface Dusts from Parks of Kaifeng City, China  


DUAN Haijing et al (89) 


Phytoremediation of Copper­contaminated Water by Nymphaea Tetragona and Pontederia Cordata 


GAO Junxia et al (96) 


Experiment Research 



Determination of free Amino Acids in Fragrans Leaves by Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography 


GAO Xiaofei et al (103)


Optimization of the Experiment Conditions for Estimating Organic Matter Content with Loss­on­ignition Method


HU Caili et al (110)


Determination of Trace Elements and Platinum Group Elements in Airborne Particulate Matter by Using Inductively Coupled Plasma­mass Spectrometry  


ZHANG Yong et al (119)


Special Subject and Review 



Research Progress on Mercury Dendrochemistry


ZHANG Peng et al (124)


A Review on Monitoring Methods for Spatial Distribution of Urban PM2.5


DING Bing et al (130)


Advances in Study on Leaching Loss of Carbon from Soil


DING Hu et al (139)

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