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(Vol. 40, No.4 2021)





Variations of methane stable isotopic values from an Alpine peatland on the eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Qian Guo · Haijun Peng · Bing Hong · Hu Yao · Yongxuan Zhu · Hanwei Ding · Ning An · Yetang Hong


Quantifying aluminosilicate manganese release and dissolution rates across organic ligand treatments for rocks, minerals, and soils
Justin B. Richardson · LeAnn X. Zuñiga


Concentration determination of gold nanoparticles by flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry
Yuhong Fu · Quan Wan · Zonghua Qin · Shanshan Li · Sen Li · Ji Wang · Wei Zhang


Evaluating soil erosion by water in a small alpine catchment in Northern Italy: comparison of empirical models
Francesca Berteni · Stefano Barontini · Giovanna Grossi


Pressure calibration and sound velocity measurement to 12 GPa in multi-anvil apparatus
Wei Song · Shuangming Shan · Qizhe Tang · Chang Su · Yonggang Liu


Olivine and Cr-spinel as indicators of the petrogenesis and partial melting conditions of the high-MgO ultramafic volcanic rocks from NW Ad Dhala Province—Yemen
Mukhtar A. Nasher · Murad Ali


Zinc, copper, and strontium isotopic variability in the Baiyangping Cu–Pb–Zn–Ag polymetallic ore field, Lanping Basin, Southwest China
Caixia Feng · Shen Liu · Guoxiang Chi · Xianwu Bi · Ruizhong Hu · Ian M. Coulson


Geochemistry and spectrometric prospection of younger granites and granitic pegmatites bearing uranium mineralization at G. Kab El Rakeb area, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt
Gehad M. Saleh · Bahaa M. Emad · Ibrahim B. Abdel Kader


Carboniferous tectono-magmatic evolution of the northern Luliang arc: evidence from geochemistry and petrography of Carboniferous volcanic rocks in the northern Luliang Uplift, NW China
Sijie Han · Shuxun Sang · Wenfeng Wang · Jinchao Zhang · Guanlong Zhang


Geochemical constraints and uranium potential of the younger granitic rocks in El Maghrbia area, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt
A.E. El-Kammar · A.H. El-Afandy · T. Nasr · M. Coltorti · F. Casetta


Coupling effects of hydrological characteristics and nutrient load in sediments on the trophic state of reservoirs
Fan Xinyi · Yue Yihong · Mei Lin · Li Xiaoying · Hu Zhehui · Luo Jiajie · Liu Liu · Wang Fushun




Is bicarbonate directly used as substrate to participate in photosynthetic oxygen evolution
Yanyou Wu

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