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Chinese Journal of GEOCHEMISTRY

(Vol. 34, No.2 June 2015)



Review of Late Jurassic-early Miocene sedimentation and plate-tectonic evolution of northern California: illuminating example of an accretionary margin
W. G. Ernst


A molecular dynamics study of uranyl-carbonate complexes adsorbed on basal surfaces of clay minerals
Li Lei, Liu Xiandong & Lu Xiancai


Sm–Nd dating and rare earth element geochemistry of the hydrothermal calcites from Guling carbonate-hosted talc mineralization in the central Guangxi province, South China
Cai Yi, Zhang Qian, Zhang Yongbing, Wang Dapeng & Li Kaiwen


Phosphorus speciation in surface sediments of a hypertrophic lake, Southwestern China: insights from fractionation and 31P NMR
Zhang Runyu , Wang Liying & Wu Fengchang  


Determining CO2 consumption from elemental change in soil profiles developed on carbonate and silicate rocks
Li Daojing & Ji Hongbing


An experimental determination of W, Nb, and Ta partition coefficients between P-rich peraluminous granitic melt and coexisting aqueous fluid
Tang Yong & Zhang Hui


Mercury indicating inflow zones and ruptures along the Wenchuan Ms 8.0 earthquake fault
Yang Duoxing, Zhang Lei, Liu Yaowei, Ren Hongwei, Xie Furen & Chen Gangcai


Influences of Tibetan Plateau uplift on provenance evolution of the paleo-Pearl River
Yu Ye, Zhang Changmin, Li Shaohua, Zhu Rui, Liu Jiangyan, Qin Chenggang & Zhang Zhongtao  


Influence of pH on properties of Mn–Zn ferrites synthesized from low-grade manganese ore
Xie Chao, Xu Longjun, Ye Yongjun , Li Xiangyang & Wang Shuyun


Source, depositional environment and maturity levels of some crude oils in southwest Niger Delta, Nigeria
Mudiaga Chukunedum Onojake, L. C. Osuji & S. Abrakasa


Estimation of reservoir temperature using silica and cationic solutes geothermometers: a case study in the Tengchong geothermal area
Zhang Xiaobo, Guo Qinghai, Li Jiexiang, Liu Mingliang, Wang Yanxin & Yang Yijun


Boninitic geochemical characteristics of high-Mg mafic dykes from the Singhbhum Granitoid Complex, Eastern India
Akhtar R. Mir, Shabber H. Alvi & V. Balaram

252 Rare earth element geochemistry of the Permo-Carboniferous clastic sedimentary rocks from the Spiti Region, Tethys Himalaya: significance of Eu and Ce anomalies
Javid Ahmad Ganai & Shaik Abdul Rashid
265 Surface radioactive anomalies at Srisailam sub basin, Cuddapah basin, India
Vishnu Bhoopathi, S. Niranjan Kumar, R. S. N. Sastry & B. Srinivas  
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