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ACTA MINERALOGICA SINICA (Vol. 37, No.1/2, 2017)


A Study on X-RAY Powder Diffraction of Micro Sample


CHEN Ai-qing,et al.(1)


Mineralogical Characteristics of Dickite in Zijinshan (ZJS) Au-Cu Deposit


ZHONG Xiang-hua,et al.(7)


Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Gold-Bearing Sulfides in Badu Gold Deposit, Guangxi Province, China


DONG Wen-dou,et al.(16)


Research on Occurrence of Vanadium in Stone Coal Deposit at Loufanggou Area, Shangluo City, Shanxi Province, China


WANG Li,et al.(29)


Research on Technological Mineralogy of an Ag-bearing Copper Ore from Heilongjiang Province, China and Its Flotation Performance


YU Xin-yang,et al.(36)


Genesis of Strong Kaolinization in Ore-bearing Sandstone from Mengqiguer Uranium Deposit,Yili Basin, China


LIU Hong-xu,et al.(40)


Effect of Fe3+ on Dissolution Behavior of Hydroxyapatite


QIAN Gong-ming,et al.(49)


Passivating Effect of Montmorillonite on Heavy Metals during Sewage Sludge Composting


SHU Zeng-nian,et al.(53)


Preparation and Thermal Stability of Fe2O3/Al2O3 Composite Pigments Derived from Iron Oxide Yellow


CHEN Jian,et al.(61)


Adsorption Characteristics and Bioactivity of BT(BacillusThuringiensis) Insecticidal Proteinon Attapulgite


SHE Chong-mei,et al.(67)


Fluid Inclusion Studies on Emeralds from Malipo Area,Yunnan Province, China


HUANG Wen-qing,et al.(75)


Re-Os Isotopic Dating for Molybdenites in Xinqi Tungsten-Tin Polymetallic Deposit of Yunnan Province,China and Its Geological Significance


ZHOU Xin-ping,et al.(84)


Characteristics of Ore-forming Fluid in Herenping Albite-quartz Lode Gold Deposit, Western Hunan Province, China


HU Shi-qian,et al.(93)


REE Geochemical Characteristics and Significance for Bitumen in Paleo-oil Reservoir in Qinglong Antimony Deposit, Guizhou Province, China


WANG Peng-peng,et al.(106)


Discussion on the Source of Ore-forming Fluids in Duobuza Deposit, Tibet, China: From Helium-Argon and Carbon-Hydrogen-Oxygen Isotope Evidence


HE Yang-yang,et al.(114)


REE Geochemical Study on Dongsheng Sandstone Uranium Deposit, Inner Mongolia, China


TANG Chao,et al.(121)


Disscussion on the Metallogenesis of Landslide Accumulation Type Au Orebodies in the Nibao Gold Deposit Southwest Guizhou, China


QI Lian-su,et al.(132)


Fengchengite:A New Species with the Na-Poor but Vacancy-Dominante N(5) Site in the Eudialyte Group


SHEN Gan-fu et al.(140)


A Study on Mineralogy of Andalusite Genesis in Yangshigou Area, West Beijing, China


PENG Yan-yan et al.(152)


A Review of Research on a New Silica Polymorph-Moganite


ZHU Tian-fei et al.(159)


A Review of Research on the Source of Quartz Cements in Sandstone Reservoirs


YUAN Tao et al.(168)


The Comparison Study on Calcined Ca-Montmorillonite before and after Cr3+ Exchanged


BAI Li-juan et al.(177)


An in Situ ATR-FTIR Study on Adsorption of Phosphate by Chromate Doped Magnetite


LIN Xiao-ju et al.(188)


Geochemistry, Chronology and Geological Significance of Kuokuqueke Granite in the West Tianshan Mountain, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China


GU Feng-hua et al.(196)


LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Geochronology of Detrital Zircon from the Lower Ordovician in the Western Yangtze Block and Its Geological Implications


HAN Zhi-rui et al.(218)


Occurrence of Gold from Beiya Gold-Polymetallic Deposit in Northwestern Yunnan Province, China


ZHOU Yun-Man et al.(231)

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