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Acta Mineralogica Sinica”, quarterly, is the only specialized key journal of mineralogy in China. It is jointly sponsored by the Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Society of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry and is distributed publically both at home and abroad. This journal mainly reports the high-level research results in the fields of mineralogy and relevant disciplines, and advances in mineralogy and its research status, as well as the important events in the mineralogical circles and important information on mineralogical research both at home and abroad with an attempt to reflect the up to date results and trends in the field of mineralogy and promote academic and research result exchanges between Chinese and foreign mineralogical workers, give great impetus to the development of China’s mineralogical cause, and speed up the commercialization of research results in the field of mineralogy.

Editorial Board

Honorary Editor in Chief: OUYANG Ziyuan
Editor in Chief: HU Ruizhong
Associate Editors: ZHAI Mingguo, WANG Rucheng, SONG Xieyan, JIN Zhisheng
Members of Editorial Board:

 WAN Quan  MAO Jingwen  WANG Shijie  WANG Rucheng  DENG Jun
 FENG Xinbin  LIU Congqiang  LIU Yun  BI Xianwu  HE Hongping
 SONG Xieyan  ZHANG Qian  ZHANG Hui  LI Heping  LI Jianwei
 LI Xiaofeng  LI Xianhua  WANG Ling  SU Wenchao  LIAN Bin
 CHEN Ming  CHEN Yanjing  ZHOU Wenge  ZHOU Taofa  LIN Yangting
 ZHENG Yongfei  ZHENG Haifei  JIN Zhisheng  HOU Zengqian  HU Ruizhong
 TANG Hongfeng  XU Yigang  GAO Xiaoying  HUANG Zhilong  WEN Hanjie
 DONG Faqin  JIANG Shaoyong  LU Anhuai  LIAO Libing  ZHAI Mingguo

Foreign Editor: Jeffrey de Fourestier (CA)



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