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Features and Conditions for the Intracrystalline Transformation from Olivine To High-Pressure Polymorphs in Shock-Metamorphosed Meteorites …… CHEN Ming ( 1 )

Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Characteristics of Modulated Mineral Crystals …… LI Guo-wu et al. ( 7 )

Advances in Research on the Biologic Activity and Eco-Toxicity of Atmospheric Mineral Matter PM10~2.5 …… DONG Fa-qin et al.( 13 )

Behavior and Kinetics of Phosphate Adsorption on Hydroxyaluminum/Hydroxyiron- Montmorillonite Complexes …… DING Kui-ying et al. ( 19 )

Hydrothermal Synthesis of Chrysotile Nanotubes at Different Reaction-Paramaters …… LI Ming et al.( 26 )

Research on Graft Copolymerization Mechanism of Sericite with Silane Coupling Agent and Pmma …… XUE Ru-jun et al.( 33 )

Mn() Availability on the Phase Transformation from Na-Buserite To Todorokite …… CUI Hao-jie et al. ( 37 )

The Discovery of Selenium-Bearing Minerals in the Tamusu Sandstone-Type Uranium Deposits, Inner Mongolia, China and Its Significance …… PAN Jia-yong et al. ( 44 )

Mineralogical Study on Magmatic Epidote from Datong Pluton, and Its Implication for Tectonic Setting of Western Kunlun Region ……  LIAO Shi-yong ( 49 )

Dedolomitization of Algal Dolomites of Middle Cambrian, Keping Area, Tarim Basin …… WANG Xiao-lin et al. ( 56 )

Geological Characteristics and Metallogenic Epoch of the Lishan Molybdenum Deposit —A Discussion on Regional Prospecting for Mo in the Southeastern Coast of China …… WANG Cheng-hui et al.( 63 )

Modes of Occurrence of Arsenic in High-As Coals from Northwestern Guizhou Province, China …… DING Zhen-hua et al. ( 70 )

Effect of A Strain of Aspergillus Niger on Weathering of Phosphorite …… CHEN Shu et al.( 75 )

Study on the Occurrence and Distribution of Gold in the Baishan Gold Mine, Jilin Province …… ZHU En-jing et al. ( 82 )

Study of Paleotemperature of the Lower Cambrian Black Shale Series and Their Implications in Northern Guizhou Province …… YANG Jian et al. ( 87 )

The Significance of Stable Isotopic Characteristics in the Classification of Alunite Ore Deposits …… HE Yu-liang et al. ( 95 )

Origin of Crystal Quartz in the Weathering Crusts Overlying Carbonate Rocks in Guizhou Province: Evidence from Oxygen Isotopes …… JIANG Li-jun et al. ( 103 )

Influence of Ionic Impurities on the Electrical Conductivity of Synthetic Quartz Crystals at High Temperature and High Pressure…… SHAN Shuang-ming et al. ( 109 )

Advances in Research on Clay Mineral Alteration in Heavy Oil Reservoirs During Thermal Recovery …… ZHANG Guan-longet al. ( 113 )

Synthesis of Hyper-Dispersant and Its Application in the Modification of Fine Calcium Sulphate ……  WANG Shao-hui et al. ( 119 )

Recycle Experiment and Analysis of theWaste Brought in the Process of Removing Vanadium by Copper Wires in Titanium Sponge’s Production…… SUN Ying et al. ( 124 )

Determination of SiO2 in the Low-Grade Molybdenum Ore by Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry ……  LI Zhe et al.( 129 )

Study on A New Method for Quantification of Montmorillonite in Bentonite …… YANG Fang-fang et al.( 132 )
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