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Chemical Composition of Karst Groundwater of Panxie Coal Mining Area in Huainan and Its Formation Mechanism (Vol. 49, No.3, Tot No.341 2021) TEXT SIZE: A A A

YANG Tingting1, XU Guangquan2, Anesu Mabaire2

(1.Gubei Coal Mine of Huaizhe Coal and Electricity Co.Ltd., Huainan 232000,China;
2.Anhui university of Science and technology School of Earth and Environment, Huainan 232001,China)

Abstract: Deep coal seam mining is deeply disturbed by the karst water hazard in the lower part of huainan coalfield. The analysis of water chemical components and the formation process will provide theoretical guidance for the prevention and control of karst water disasters. This paper takes the karst aquifer of Taiyuan formation in Panxie mining area as an example, the hydrochemical composition of two secondary hydrogeological units in this area was analyzed by means of multivariate statistics, hydrogeochemical composition, and hydrogeochemical reverse simulation, based on the analysis of its hydrogeological background. The results show that the ancient geomorphology under compression-tension is an important factor affecting the replenishment, runoff and drainage of ancient groundwater. In zones I and II, Na++K+ is the main cation and Cl- is the main anion, while, HCO3- accounts for a larger proportion in zone II, and the content of SO42- in zone I is higher than that in zone II. Under the locally open oxidative environment, zone I is mainly influenced by the cation exchange effect with existence of pyrite oxidation; zone Ⅱ is dominated by cation exchange and the oxidation of pyrite, and is mainly in a reducing environment, but gradually change to a partial oxidation environment; long-term mining activities changed the karst groundwater flow system in the area continuously, and it is also an important factor that affects the difference in karst water quality between units.

Key words: karst water of Taiyuan Formation; groundwater flow system; hydrochemical characteristics; formation mechanism

EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.49, No.3, Tot No.341, 2021, Page 238-249

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