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Ecological Environment Vulnerability Assessment of Southwest Guangxi-Beibu Gulf Based on the Perspective of Mountains, Rivers and Sea and SRP Model (Vol. 49, No.3, Tot No.341 2021) TEXT SIZE: A A A

ZHANG Ze1,2, HU Baoqing1, QIU Haihong1,2, DENG yanfei1,2

(1. Nanning normal university,,a. Key Laboratory of Environment Change and Resources Use in Beibu Gulf, Ministry of Education, b. Guangxi Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Intelligent Simulation, Nanning 530001, China;
2. School of Geography and Planning, Nanning normal university, Nanning 530001, China)

Abstract: The ecological environment vulnerability of Southwest Karst-Beibu Gulf coastal Zone of Guangxi was assessed based on a mountains, rivers, and sea perspective, by using the ecological sensitivity-ecological restoration - ecological pressure(SRP)model, a dimensionless quantitative model, analytic hierarchy process, as well as the combination of the ecological environment vulnerability index, , the results would provide scientific theoretical basis and technical guidance for the regional ecological environment governance and restoration. It showed that : (1) the ecological environment vulnerability index of the third period from 2000 to 2018 ranged from 0.14 to 0.96, and the average value was 0.52, indicating moderate vulnerability on the whole. In 2000, the proportion of slight vulnerability grade was 44.96%, followed by moderate vulnerability grade, and the area of severe vulnerability grade was the smallest. In 2010, the proportions of sligh vulnerability and moderate vulnerability were similar, and the areas of potential vulnerability and severe vulnerability were reduced. In 2018, the proportion of mildly vulnerable areas was still the largest, and the area of severely vulnerable areas increased by 1 736km2. (2) With the increase of elevation, the degree of ecological environment vulnerability tends to decrease on the whole, and the proportion of severe vulnerability becomes smaller and smaller. (3) Forestland is mainly distributed in micro-fragile areas and mildly fragile areas; arable land, water area and construction land are mainly slightly fragile; grassland is mainly in micro-fragile and mildly fragile.

Keyword: in the view of the mountains, rivers, and sea; SRP model; Eco-Ecological vulnerability ; Southwest Karst-Beibu Gulf coastal Zone of Guangxi

EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.49, No.3, Tot No.341, 2021, Page 297-306

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