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Characteristics of Carbon-based Materials Derived from Constructed Wetland Plants and Preparation of Iron-carbon Micro-electrolysis Filler (Vol. 49, No.1, Tot No.339 2021) TEXT SIZE: A A A

LI Mi1,2, CHEN Shu1,2, WANG Bin1,2, ZHANG Hongtao1,2, ZHU Jingping1,2, TU Weiguo3

(1.School of Environment and Resource, Southwest University of Science and Technology, Mianyang Sichuan 621010, China;
2.Low-cost Wastewater Treatment Technology International Sci-Tech Cooperation Base of Sichuan Province, Southwest University of Science and Technology, Mianyang Sichuan 621010, China;
3.Sichuan Natural Resources Research Institute, Chengdu 610041, China)

Abstract: Carbon-based materials from canna, reed and thalia straw in constructed wetland were prepared under different temperatures, the yields were calculated and the structures of carbon-based materials were characterized. Meanwhile, effect of different preparation conditions on the remove of phosphorous and chemical oxygen demand (COD) of the iron-carbon micro-electrolysis filler was studied, and the mixing ratio and preparation conditions of the iron-carbon micro-electrolysis filler with carbon-based materials was optimized. Experiment results showed that the four elements (C, H, O and N) were the predominant components in carbon-based materials. With increasing temperature, their aromaticity, internal pore structure and crystallinity increased, but yield, polarity and hydrophilia decreased. Further, by single factor method, this paper confirmed the optimal mass ratio was 112:24:40.8:8.84, and the optimal roasting temperature was 700°C for preparation of iron-carbon micro-electrolysis filler with carbon-based materials. Under such conditions, the roasting processes had strong protection effect on Fe0, which could guarantee the number of micro battery in filler, while there were some of Fe2+ and Fe3+ being formed as well.

Key words: wetland plants; carbon-based materials; character; iron-carbon micro-electrolysis

EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.49, No.1, Tot No.339, 2021, Page 82-91

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