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Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of Concentrated Mining Areas in the Tongling Pyritic Base (Vol. 48, No.2, Tot No.334) TEXT SIZE: A A A

GENG Hao1,2,LIU Ruixue1,2,LIU Junxing1,2,WANG Chunguang1,2, JIA Han1,2,YIN Xianyang1,2,CHI Haoxuan1,2

(1. China Chemical Geology and Mine Bureau Research Institute of Geological, Beijing 100101, China;
2. Technology Innovation Center for Ecological Restoration in Mining Areas, Beijing 100101, China)

Abstract: Tongling is an important pyrite base in China, and mining activities in the area have a great impact on the surrounding environment. In this paper, the comprehensive index of the groundwater environment of the study area was calculated and the heavy metal pollution in the groundwater of the study area was analyzed, using piper trilinear diagram to determine the groundwater chemical type, using methods of ion ratios, correlations and saturation indexes of three kinds of mineral water solution for analysis of the formation of chemical compositions of the groundwater. The results showed that the groundwater in the study area was weakly alkaline, fresh and soft. The main chemical type of the groundwater in the region was the HCO3-Ca type. The chemical compositions of the groundwater mainly came from the dissolution of carbonate rocks, and accompanied by the dissolution of silicates. Ca2+ and Mg2+ came mostly from cation exchanges. SO42- related closely to the mining activity mostly came from the oxidation of sulfides. The main controlling factor of ions in the groundwater was the rock weathering. The groundwater was mostly supersaturated to calcite and unsaturated to dolomite and gypsum. The areas of groundwater influenced heavy by metals were small, distributed mainly in the Zhongming pyrite area.

Key words: Tongling; pyrite base; hydrogeochemistry; heavy metal

EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.48, No.2, Tot No.334, 2020, Page 240-249

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