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Distribution Characteristics and Subsystem Identification of Karst Groundwater in Sangu (Vol. 48, No.2, Tot No.334) TEXT SIZE: A A A

WANG Zhenxing, LI Xiangquan, HOU Xinwei, ZHANG Chunchao, GUI Chunlei, ZUO Xuefeng

(Institute of Hydrology & Environmental Geology, GAGS, Shijiazhuang 050061 China)

Abstract: The law of karst groundwater occurrence and enrichment in the Sangu spring area was analyzed using methods of geology, karst dynamics, tectonics, geophysical exploration, fluid dynamics, hydrogeological test, hydrogeochemistry and isotope analysis, and the control of soluble rock and structure on the karst groundwater distribution was explored. Four groundwater subsystem, dongdanhe, danhe, gaoping - jincheng and zhaozhuang, in the Sangu spring area was identified by a combination of several methods. The system boundaries were found between each of the subsystems, and in each of the subsystems, a strong runoff zone was developed. Low resistivity of Geophysical exploration results, low TDS of hydrochemistry, and high δ18O, δD values were shown in the main runoff belt, while high resistivity, high TDS level and low δ18O, δD values were presented at the subsystem boundary. A variety of research methods verified the consistency of conclusion and improved the recognition accuracy.

Keywords: Sangu Spring Basin;Karst water;Main runoff zones;Groundwater subsystem

EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.48, No.2, Tot No.334, 2020, Page 228-239

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