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Spatial-Temporal Distribution of Formaldehyde in Hunan, China and Its Influence Factors Analysis Based on Satellite Remote Sensing Data (Vol.47, No.4, Tot No.330) TEXT SIZE: A A A

SHI Jia1, JU Tianzhen1, ZHANNG Zhicheng2, PEI Zihui3

(1.College of Geography and Environmental Science, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou 730070, China;
2.Kongtong District Environmental Protection Agency, Pingliang 744000, China; 3.Lanzhou Environmental Protection Agency, Lanzhou 745400,China; )

Abstract: This study investigated the temporal and spatial distribution characteristics of formaldehyde column concentrations in troposphere in Hunan, China from 2009 to 2017 and explored the influence factors by comprehensive analyses on daily formaldehyde data monitored by OMI sensors, NDVI data monitored by MODIS sensors, energy consumption data and nitrogen oxide emission data of the Hunan Province. The results showed that the overall spatial distribution of formaldehyde column concentration in Hunan was that the formaldehyde column concentration was low in the western mountainous area and was high in the north Dongting Lake plain and the southern Nanling area. During the past 9 years, formaldehyde column concentrations in Hunan showed a trend of increasing and then decreasing with the highest concentration appeared in 2012 and the lowest concentration appeared in 2017. The formaldehyde column concentration varied seasonally, highest in summer and lowest in winter, the highest concentration appeared in September and the lowest concentration appeared in December. The topography and the wind direction showed certain influences on the spatial distribution of formaldehyde column concentration, the formaldehyde column concentration showed a strong correlation with temperature and a good correlation with precipitation, vegetation was an important formaldehyde contributor, while the energy consumption and the nitrogen oxide emission in Hunan were of important anthropogenic factors.

Key words: OMI; Formaldehyde column concentration; Temporal and spatial distribution; Influencing factors; Hunan Province

EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.47, No.4, Tot No.330, 2019, Page 448-458

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