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Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Soils in the Yingpanshan Site and Its Environmental Significance (Vol.47, No.4, Tot No.330) TEXT SIZE: A A A

GOU Mingzhong1, WEN Xingyue1,2, WU Yong1,2, GAO Linan3, LIU Yanguo4

(1. College of Land and Resources, China West Normal University, Sichuan Nanchong 637002, China;
2. Research Center for Regional Environmental Evolution and Conservation, China West Normal University, Sichuan Nanchong 637002, China;
3. College of Tourism and Culture industry, Chengdu University, Chengdu 610106, China;
4. College of Environment and Resourc, Southwest University of Science and Techonlogy, Sichuan Mianyan 621010, China.)

Abstract: Physical and chemical characteristics of soil from strata of an ancient cultural site is important to paleoenvironment reconstruction. This study investigated cultural and natural soil profiles in the Yingpanshan site, an ancient cultural site in the upper reaches of the Minjiang river, by analyzing particle size distribution, magnetic susceptibility, element geochemistry, organic matter and carbonate contents of soil samples. Our result showed that ancient human activities did affect the characteristics of soil, such as particle size, magnetic susceptibility, organic matter, carbonate and element migration, causing inconsistent changes among environmental indices. A warmer and moister climatic feature was presented in the drought valley of upper Minjiang river during the mid-late Holocene, which could be demonstrated by pedogenic features of the paleosol above the ash layer. A better reconstruction of paleoenvironment using soils from cultural strata, demands great attentions on multi-proxies and avoiding information mislead by human activities.

Key words: Neolithic site; Pedogenic features; Paleo-environment information; Upper Minjiang river

EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.47, No.4, Tot No.330, 2019, Page 477-484

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