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Microbial Diversity of ZizaniaLatifolia Rhizosphere in Typical Degenerating Wetland of Wuchang Lake (Vol.46, No.4) TEXT SIZE: A A A
LIU Zhaowen,ZHOU Baohua,KOU Leyong,LIU Haijun,ZHAO Kuan
(School of Resources and Environment, Anqing Normal University, Anqing Anhui 246133, China)
Abstract: To better understand the relationships between microbial communities in freshwater wetland and wetland degradation, soil, water and sediment samples in rhizosphere of invaded Zizanialatifolia were selected from Wuchang Lake wetland. Total DNA Extraction tested samples were conducted to analyze bacterial community structures by high-throughput sequencing based on 16S rDNA gene. Finally, 17051 high quality sequences were obtained; whilst OTUs number was 2062. Results show that the rhizosphere soil of Zizanialatifolia has complex microbial community structure, including 15 phyla and 50 genera. Additionally, the main phyla contained Proteobacteria, Bacteroidetes, Acidobacteria and Chloroflexi in the three sample types in rhizosphere. Diversity indexes of Shannon, Chao, ACE and OTUs reveal the similar variation trend of S1>S1a>W1, indicating that microbial communities are obviously different from soil, water and sediment in rhizosphere. Studying microbial diversities in rhizosphere of Zizanialatifolia in the degenerating wetland should play an important role in understanding the natural wetland degeneration in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.
Keywords: wetland; Zizanialatifolia; microbial diversity; high-throughput sequencing; Wuchanglake
EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.46, No.4, Tot No.324, 2018, Page 339-347
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