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Lead Content and Isotopic Tracing for Soil-tea System of Some Tea Gardens in Fujian Province, China (Vol.46, No.3) TEXT SIZE: A A A

HUANG Huabin1,LIN Chengqi1,YANG Miaofeng2,ZHUANG Zhixia1,WANG Xiaoru1

(1.Department of Science and Technology for Inspection, Xiamen Huaxia University, Xiamen 361024;
2.Fisheries Research Institute of Fujian, Xiamen 361013, China)

Abstract: Lead concentrations and isotopic compositions (206Pb/207Pb and 206Pb/208Pb) of soils and teas in tea gardens of 9 counties in Fujian Province were analyzed to assess the spatial variation of lead and trace the lead sources. Results show that the ranges of lead concentrations in soils and teas are 23.00±0.099-55.43±0.032 mg/kg and 0.53±0.126-1.47±0.058 mg/kg, respectively. Lead in the soils is almost at non-pollution level according to geo-accumulation index, and lead in the teas is also safe according to single factor index. Lead isotopic compositions of soils and teas are regional. 206Pb/207Pb and 206Pb/208Pb of teas are lower than those of soils. Lead in teas is mainly derived from soils of local tea gardens and atmosphere according to the correlation analysis of lead content and lead isotopic tracer analysis. The similarity and variety of lead isotopic composition in teas of Fujian Province can provide a scientific basis and reference value for traceability and identification of tea origin.

Key words:Lead isotope; source analysis; tea garden soil; tea; Fujian Province

EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.46, No.3, Tot No.323, 2018, Page 219-224

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