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Spatial and Temporal Variations of Land Surface Temperature of the Loess Plateau (Vol.45, No.5) TEXT SIZE: A A A

XUE Yayong1,2, LIANG Haibin2, ZHANG Yuan1,2, WANG Xiaofeng1,3

(1.Department of Resources Science, Chang′an University, Xi′an 710054,China;
2. State Key Laboratory of Urban and Regional Ecology, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS, Beijing 100085, China; 3.Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Disaster Monitoring and Mechanism simulation Baoji, Baoji 721016, China)

Abstract: Land surface temperature (LST) is one of the key factors indicating the thermal state between the lower atmosphere and land surface. LST is influenced by many factors, including surface roughness, Albedo, evapotranspiration (ET), and so on. The purpose of this article was to detect the spatial and temporal variation of LST and their affecting factors on the Loess Plateau based on the MOD11A2, MCD43A3, and MOD16A2 data products during 2000-2013. Results show that the average albedo significantly declines from 0.178 in 2000 to 0.146 in 2013. However, the average ET increases from 314.33 mm to 455.24 mm with an annual increase rate of 6.56 mm/a. The daytime LST fluctuated decreases with a drop of -0.16℃/a. While, the nighttime LST represents an ascending tendency by 0.035℃/a with no significant difference. With the declining daytime LST and rising nighttime LST, the LST difference between day and night shows a significant reduction by 0.2℃/a. The central loess plateau is the area with the most frequent variations in LST. Meanwhile, totally, the daytime LST is positively correlated with albedo and negatively correlates with ET especially in the central Loess Plateau. And the correlation between daytime LST and ET is stronger than with albedo. However, there was no significant correlation between nighttime LST and albedo or ET.

Key words: land surface temperature; albedo; evapotranspiration; the Loess Plateau

EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.45, No.5, Tot No.319, 2017, Page 500-507 

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