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Some Problems of Deep Carbon Cycle in Subduction Zone (Vol.36, No.2) TEXT SIZE: A A A

ZHANG Li-fei, TAO Ren-biao, ZHU Jian-jiang

The School of Earth and Space Science of Peking University, Beijing 100142, China

Abstract:Generally,the carbon cycle in the Earth system can be divided into the short-term surface carbon cycle and the long-term deep carbon cycle. Because>90% carbon content is stored in the deep Earth,the deep carbon cycle is a key to understand the origin and process of surface short-term carbon cycle. Three aspects problems such as the metamorphic transformation of carbon-bearing phase in subduction zone,the mechanism of decarbonization and mantle metasomatism have been discussed in details in this review paper. The basic problem of the metamorphic transformation of carbon-bearing phases is still needed to do the extensive research in the future. The decarbonization mechanism including decarbonizing metamorphic reaction,carbon dissolution or fluid infiltration,melt decarbonizing and carbon redox reaction should be the research frontiers' in deep carbon cycle. Meanwhile,the study of deep carbon cycle in subduction zone is very significance for understanding the geochemical mantle heterogeneity.

Key words:deep carbon cycle subduction zone decarbonization mechanism mantle heterogeneity 

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Bulletin of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry Vol.36, No.2, 2017, page 185-196

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