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Progress of the Research on Organic Originated Dolomite (Vol.34, No.3) TEXT SIZE: A A A

ZHUO Yu-zhou, ZHAO Hong-ge, LI Meng, GAO Shao-hua

State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamic, Department of Geology, Northwest University, Xi'an 710069, China

Abstract: Dolomite is commonly found in the ancient carbonate but rarely in the holocene sediments, which forms the famous "dolomite problem". In recent years, researches had shown that organic matters are inevitable in the formation of dolomite. On the basis of the investigation of a large number of domestic and foreign literature, this paper explored influence factors of dolomite formation from the perspective of the microscopic mechanism of dolomite dynamic obstacles. The results showed that microbial metabolism regulating played a key factor in dolomite formation, for example, sulfide produced by sulfate-reducing bacteria can reduce the energy of magnesium ion dehydration, which accelerates the dissociation of magnesium ion and promotes the precipitation of dolomite. Studies had also shown that organic macromolecules such as polysaccharides, carboxymethyl cellulose, carboxyl-group, can promote the formation of dolomite in the same way of the sulfate reducing bacteria. This provided a new thought for the research of dolomite genetic mechanism.

Keywords: dolomite formation mechanism organic macromolecular sulfate reducing bacteria carboxyl-group

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Bulletin of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry Vol. 34, No.3, 2015, page 654-658

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