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Application of seismic resonant frequency imaging technology into exploration of the Leidading bauxite deposit, Bozhou, Guizhou Province, China (Vol. 41, No.4/5, 2021) TEXT SIZE: A A A

LU Mao1, HUANG Kai*1, NONG Guan-hai1, LIN Gui-sheng1, HUANG Lang2, YAN Qiang3

(1. Non-Ferrous Metals and Nuclear Industry Geological Exploration Bureau of Guizhou, Guiyang 550005, China;
2. Guizhou Chengqian Mining Co. Ltd, Zunyi 563100, China;
3.Chongqing Lingfeng Dimai Technology Co., Ltd., Shapingba District, Chongqing 400000 China) 

Abstract: Orebodies of the Leidading bauxite deposit in the Bozhou area, Guizhou Province are restricted by the ancient erosion surfaces of dolomites of the Cambrian Loushanguan Formation, and their scales are in positive correlation with the thickness of ore-bearing stratum of the Lower Carboniferous Jiujialu Formation. Ancient grooves, corroded depressions, collapsed dolines are favorable zones for the bauxite enrichment. The aluminum-bearing rock series in the Jiujialu Formation, along with the thinly bedded shales in the Tongzi Formation, are clamped by carbonate rocks, with stratified distribution characteristics of the limestone-to-dolomite layered structure. There are obvious wave impedance differences among the ore-bearing layers, the thinly bedded shales, and the overlying limestone of the Qixia Formation, and the underlying dolomite of the Tongzi Formation. Based on the difference in wave impedance data measured by using the seismic resonance frequency imaging, we have classified boundaries between the basement of ancient-eroded depressions and the overlying strata, inferred the distribution form and thickness of ore-bearing series, and delineated the favorable bauxite metallogenic belts. Comparing with the true situation of drilling cores, it is discovered that the technology of seismic resonant frequency imaging is a new type and cost effectiveness way for prospecting mineral resources. In the exploration of bauxite in this deposit, the interface of ore-bearing rock series has been directly separated. And the good prospecting result has been obtained through the indirect inference of bauxite layers.
Keywords: Jiujialu Formation; bauxite-bearing rock series; seismic resonance frequency imaging; wave impedance

ACTA MINERALOGICA SINICA Vol. 41, No.4/5, 2021, page 570-577

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