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A review on the effects of regrinding process on surface properties of minerals during the regrinding of coarse flotation concentrates of sulfide ores (Vol. 41, No.3, 2021) TEXT SIZE: A A A

YANG Bo1,2,3, TONG Xiong2,3,4, XIE Xian2,3,4, HUANG Ling-yun2,3, WANG Xiao1,2*

(1. Kunming University, Kunming 650214, China;
2. National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center for the Green and Comprehensive Utilization of Metallic Tailings Resource, Kunming 650093, China;
3. State key Laboratory of Complex Nonferrous Metal Resource Clean Utilization, Kunming 650093, China;
4. Faculty of Land Resource Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming 650093, China;)

Abstract: With the increasing development and utilization of mineral resources year by year, the complex and polymetallic ores with characteristics of low grades and fine dissemination particles have become the mainly processed raw ore materials for the most of mineral processing plants. In order to improve the recovery of valuable metals from these complex ores and to reduce their grinding costs, the process named as the staged grinding and staged separation was employed in the most of mineral processing plants. The regrinding of coarse flotation concentrates is the most commonly applied technique for the selective flotation of complex sulfide ores, as the liberation degree of valuable minerals and grinding efficiency can be obviously enhanced by using the regrinding method. However, in the industrial practice of most processing plants, the liberation degree of valuable minerals was only paid attention to, whereas the effects of regrinding medium, regrinding methods and pulp electrochemical environment on surface properties and flotation behaviors of minerals were usually neglected. In this paper, on the basis of the systematic summary of characteristic of mineral components of coarse concentrates from the floatation of sulfide ores and chemical property of the pulp, we have reviewed the effect regularity of mill type, regrinding mode, grinding medium property and shape, electrochemical environment of pulp, and reagent concentration on the surface properties and flotation behaviors of regrinding minerals during the regrinding process of flotation coarse concentrates of sulfide ores, and suggested that the reasonable optimization and adjustment of the concentrate regrinding process parameters and pulp electrochemical environment, the enhancement of hydrophilic/hydrophobic differences among mineral surfaces, and the improvement of flotation separation effect will be important directions, which should be paid attention to, for researches on the regrinding process of flotation coarse concentrates of sulfide ores in the future.

Keywords: The mixed flotation concentrates; the regrinding of concentrate; regrinding medium; pulp electrochemical environment

ACTA MINERALOGICA SINICA Vol. 41, No.3, 2021, page 294-300   

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