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Main minerogenetic series in the Qimantag area, Qinghai Province and their metallogenic models (Vol. 41, No.1, 2021) TEXT SIZE: A A A

ZHANG Ai-kui1, WANG Jian-jun2*, LIU Guang-lian1, MA Zhong-yuan1

(1.The Third Institute of Qinghai Geological Prospecting, Xining 810008,China;
2. Qinghai Geological Survey Institute, Xining 810012,China)

Abstract: The Qimantag area is located in the western part of the Eastern Kunlun metallogenic belt, Qinghai Province. In this area, a large amount of resources including nonferrous metals, precious metals and nonmetallic minerals are distributed, with various types of deposits, multi-stages of metallogenesis, and complicated metallogenic processes. Therefore, it is urgently needed to summarize the regional metallogenic regularities of all kinds of mineral resources in this area, to determine the metallogenic series, and to establish the metallogenic models, in order to guide the regional ore-prospecting for making innovation and breakthrough of mineral exploration in the area. Thus, under the guidance of the metallogenic series theory, 4 kinds of metallogenic series in this area have been basically classifiedbased on the systematic analysis of characteristics of typical deposits. They include the Mesoproterozoic sedimentary-metamorphic type of iron-graphite deposits, Ordovician SEDEX type of cobalt-gold- bismuth deposits, Late Silurian-Middle Devonian magmatic segregation type of nickel-copper-cobalt deposits, and Triassic porphyry- skarn- cryptoexplosion breccia-hydrothermal types of iron-polymetallic-noble metal deposits.The metallogenic modes of these four typical series of deposits have been established. In this study, we have revealed the relationships between major tectonic events and mineralizations, deepened understandings on metallogenic regularities in tectonic settings of the Mesoproterozoic continental margin, the early Paleozoic continental breakup, the continental collision-extension in late period of the early Paleozoic, and the Triassic collision-extension, and explored the interior geological processes in depth for Triassic extensive mineralizations.

Keywords: Minerogenetic series;metallogenic model;Mesoproterozoic;Cambrian-Ordocician;Late Silurian-Middle Devonian;Triassic;Qimantag;Qinghai Province

ACTA MINERALOGICA SINICA Vol. 41, No.1, 2021, page 1-22

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