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Professor WANG Zhengrong from the City University of New York Visits IGCAS TEXT SIZE: A A A

At the invitation of Professors CHEN Jiubin and LIU Yun, Professor WANG Zhengrong from the City University of New York visited IGCAS on July 15-21.

Prof. WANG Zhengrong presented a talk titled " Sr and Mg isotope geochemistry of Marinoan cap carbonates: Implication for Neoproterozoic ocean circulation" on July 19 and attended the isotope geochemistry seminar on July 20, respectively. Prof. CHEN Jiubin hosted both the events.

In his talk, Prof. WANG Zhengrong described the application of Sr and Mg isotopes in Marinoan cap carbonates in detail. As early as 635 Ma, the biggest climate change in the Earth happened and the snow and ice covered almost the whole of the Earth, which was called "Snowball Earth" event. The information of the "Snowball Earth" event could be mainly derived from the research of Neoproterozoic cap carbonates. Prof. WANG Zhengrong’s study of Sr and Mg isotopes in cap carbonates provided a new perspective on the evolution history of the event.


 Professor WANG Zhengrong at the presentation



 The audience

In the isotope geochemistry seminar, Prof. WANG Zhengrong discussed with the researchers and graduate students on the academic issues including the theoretical study and calculation of isotope fractionation, Mass-independent fractionation of mercury isotope, Ore-forming processes, and unbalanced fractionation. He not only provided many constructive suggestions for the report content, but also proposed the possible solutions for some scientific problems in the study. In addition, Prof. WANG Zhengrong and some researchers discussed and exchanged ideas on their potential collaborations.

Prof. WANG Zhengrong obtained his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1991 and 1999, respectively. He received his Ph.D. degree in Geochemistry from the California Institute of Technology in 2005. He was doing research at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Yale University during the period of 2005 to 2014. Currently, he is an Associate Professor at the City University of New York, and his research and teaching mainly focused on global climate change, isotope geochemistry, mantle dynamic, and geochemistry. His has published many significant research results in the fields of earth's mantle, lithosphere, hydrosphere, ancient climate, and high-temperature and low-temperature geochemistry.

(By Prof. CHEN Jiubin's group)

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