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A four-day visit to IGCAS of a group of researchers from Japan was finished on June 21 2015. All the Six visitors, led by Prof. ITO Eiji, were from the Misasa High-Pressure Group of Institute for Study of the Earth’ Interior (ISEI), Okayama University.  

On June 19th, each researcher of the visiting group presented a talk in a seminar hosted by Professors ZHANG Baohua and ZHAI Shuangmeng. The seminar attracted many IGCAS researchers and graduate students. 


 Prof. ITO Eiji at the presentation.


In Prof. ITO Eiji’s talk, he started with a brief overview of the developing process of Kawai-type multi-anvil apparatus in the past half century, and then showed not only the new world record (> 1 Mbar) of high pressure generation in Misasa by using Kawai-type multi-anvil press, but also the new pressure standard (CoO-14.9 and 49 GPa; Fe2O3-60 GPa) obtained. He also introduced the melting experiments of simulating the fractionation in deep magma ocean, and their attempts to generate high temperature using B-doped diamond heater under high pressure.  


 Associate Prof. YONEDA Akira at the presentation.


Associate Prof. YONEDA Akira introduced the recent advances in elasticity measurement of high pressure phases (Bridgmanite, Stishovite and Periclase) using High frequency RUS, GHz ultrasonics, and Inelastic X ray scattering.  


 Associate Prof. YOSHINO Takashi at the presentation. 


Associate Prof. YOSHINO Takashi shared his research interests and results, and then presented the recent experimental investigations in the effect of Al content on the electrical conductivity of Bridgmanite. At the end of his talk, Prof. YOSHINO Takashi briefly introduced the experimental technologies and results of seismic attenuation measurement under high pressure and high temperature.   


 Associate Prof. YAMAZAKI Daisuke at the presentation.


Associate Prof. YAMAZAKI Daisuke presented the new results of inner core dynamics inferred from grain growth of ε-iron by means of in-situ X-ray diffraction under high temperature and high pressure conditions. 


 Dr. TSUJINO Noriyoshi at the presentation. 


Dr. TSUJINO Noriyoshi introduced the recent progress in deformation experiment of Bridgmanite. 


 XU Fang at the presentation.


Finally, XU Fang discussed the experimental results of Si and O diffusion in stishovite and their geophysical implications. 

The seminar provided a warm and supportive atmosphere for the audience to meet and discuss with the visiting group. It also allowed the students intending to pursue further study in Misasa High-Pressure Group the opportunity to talk to their interested advisors face to face. 



During their stay in IGCAS, the researchers of Misasa High-Pressure Group also visited the high pressure apparatus in the Key Laboratory for High-Temperature and High-Pressure Study of the Earth's Interior. 

Introduction to Misasa High-Pressure Group: 

ITO Eiji is Emeritus Professor in ISEI, Okayama Universityfellow of MSA and AGU. He got Bridgman Award in 2011. Until now, he has published more than 200 papers, including three Nature and four Science papers. 

YONEDA Akira is Associate Professor in ISEI, Okayama University. His study mainly focuses on elasticity of mantle minerals. He has published more than 80 papers. 

YOSHINO Takashi is Associate Professor in ISEI, Okayama University. His research topics include electrical conductivity of mantle minerals, grain growth of minerals and evolution of the lower crust. He has published more than 70 papers, including three Nature papers. 

YAMAZAKI Daisuke is Associate Professor in ISEI, Okayama University. His study mainly focuses on rheology of mantle minerals. He has published more than 60 papers, including one Nature and one Science papers. 

TSUJINO Noriyoshi is a postdoctoral scholar in ISEI, Okayama University. His study mainly focuses on deformation of lower mantle minerals. 

XU Fang is a second year Ph.D. candidate in ISEI, Okayama University. Her study mainly focuses on diffusion and deformation of mantle minerals.  

(By ZHANG Baohua, Images by CHEN Kang) 

 Seminar group photo of some IGCAS members with the guest speakers.
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