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On May 18th, Dr. Jeroen E. Sonke, Head of ICP-MS facilities at the Midi-Pyrenees Observatory in France, presented a report in SKLEG at the invitation of Professor FENG Xinbin.

Titled “Hg stable isotope observations in the Arctic”, Dr. Sonke’s report started with a brief introduction to a short history of Arctic research, then switched the topic to the studies of mercury (Hg), such as Hg levels in mammals, historical variations in Hg levels, atmospheric mercury depletion events, Hg entering the Arctic via the atmosphere, geographical variations in the Hg trends in biota over the past 30 years and so on.  In his report, Dr. Sonke also listed some outstanding questions in this particular field of study, e.g. other sources of Hg to the Arctic, the sites of Hg methylation, and the impacts of climate change on the Hg level in the Arctic.  With the informative materials and rich illustrations, Dr. Sonke presented an enjoyable and enlightening report and received rounds of applause from the audience.  After the report, Dr. Sonke had discussions with the enthusiastic audience.

Jeroen E. Sonke completed his Ph.D. studies at Florida State University and National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in USA. His research interests include mercury isotopes, air pollutants, water pollutants, lanthanoid series elements, humic substances and methyl-mercury compound and so on.

Dr. Jeroen E. Sonke in his presentation

Dr. Jeroen E. Sonke discussing with the audience

(By ZHOU Tao)

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