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Xiande Xie · Xiangping Gu


Petrogenetic characterization of the host rocks of the Sanaga iron ore prospect, southern Cameroon
Tasin Godlove Bafon · Anthony Temidayo Bolarinwa · Cheo Emmanuel Suh · Temesgen Oljira · Bekele Ayele Bedada · Gilles Nyuyki Ngoran · Kevin Ijunghi Ateh · Boris Martial Keuko Djoumbissie · Cho Terence Ngang


Textural and compositional variation of mica from the Dexing porphyry Cu deposit: constraints on the behavior of halogens in porphyry systems
Yan Liu · Jian-Feng Gao · Liang Qi · Kang Min


Geochemical characteristics of natural gases and source rocks in Obayied sub-basin, north Western Desert, Egypt: implications for gas-source correlation
Mostafa Hassan · Mahmoud Leila · Mohammed Ahmed · Ghalib Issa · Omar Hegab


Depth profiling of arsenian pyrite in Carlin-type ores through wet chemistry
Meizhi Yang · Quan Wan · Xin Nie · Suxing Luo · Yuhong Fu · Ping Zeng · Wenqi Luo


Merlin Gountié Dedzo · Désiré Tsozué · Amidou Kpoumié · Aubin Nzeugang Nzeukou


Zircon SHRIMP U–Pb geochronology, geochemistry, and geological signifi cance of dacite in the Zhesang gold district, southeast Yunnan Province, China
Bo Wang · Jiasheng Wang · Jinlong Li · Hao Fu · Yuehua Ma · Bin Ye


Behavior, toxicity and diffusive flux of metals in a sediment core and pore-water from Anzali wetland
Y. Mehdizadeh · A.R. Karbassi · T. Nasrabadi · A. Sarang


Genesis and metallogenic characteristic of Dongnan Cu–Mo deposit associated granitoids: LA-ICP-MS zircon U–Pb dating and isotope constraint from Zijinshan ore field in southeastern China
Qifeng Xie · Mingguo Zhai · Yuanfeng Cai · Yunpeng Dong · Hong Zhang · Aifang Xiao



Local singularity and S–A methods for analyzing ore-producing anomalies in the Jianbiannongchang area of Heilongjiang, China
Zhonghai Zhao · Kai Qiao · Yiwen Liu · Xiaomeng Cui · Binbin Cheng · Shanshan Liang · Chenglu Li


Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the Paleoproterozoic ortho-gneisses and granitoids of the Banded Gneissic Complex, central Rajasthan, NW India: Implications for crustal reworking processes
Iftikhar Ahmad · T.P.Abdul Latheef · M.E.A. Mondal · Ismail S. Hamidullah · Kamaal Parvez

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