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A molecular simulation study of Cs-Cl and Cs-F ion pairs in hydrothermal fluids
Xi Zhang · Xiandong Liu · Tianhua Wang, Xiancai Lu · Rucheng Wang


Hydrocarbon distribution along the Soapaga thrust (Eastern Cordillera, Colombia) based on new strategic geochemistry samples
Eduardo A. Rossello · Rolando Di Primio


Genesis and magma fertility of gold associated high-K granites: LA-ICP-MS zircon trace element and REEs constraint from Bakoshi–Gadanya granites in NW Nigeria
Safiyanu Muhammad Elatikpo · Huan Li · Yuanlin Chen · Hafizullah Abba Ahmed


Use of δ18O, δ13C and NO3-to identify hydrogeochemical processes related to contamination in an aquifer located in central Mexico
José Iván Morales-Arredondo · María Aurora Armienta Hernández · Fátima Juárez-Aparicio · Jorge Federico Landa-Arreguín · Itzamna Zaknite Flores-Ocampo


Organic geochemistry characteristics of Jurassic black shales from the Amdo area, northern Tibet, China
Guiwen Xu · Lan Chen, Weiguang Zhu · Xuejuan Da · Zhangxiong Zhu · Haisheng Yi


Using zircon saturation thermometry of source magma in strongly altered volcanic ashes
Tarmo Kiipli


Rare earth element (REE) geochemistry of different colored fluorites from the Baoshan Cu–Pb–Zn deposit, Southern Hunan, South China
Jinchuan Huang · Jiantang Peng


Geochemistry of magnetite in beach sands, stream sediments, and in situ magnetites in surrounding rocks at north Taiwan island
Eslam Mohammed Ali Mitwally · Bing-Sheng Yu


Magma mixing dynamics in a vertically zoned granitic magma chamber inferred from feldspar disequilibrium assemblage and biotite composition: a case study from the Mikir Massif, eastern India
Gaurav Hazarika · Pallabi Basumatary · Tribujjal Prakash · Hiredya Chauhan · Bibhuti Gogoi


Petrogenesis, LA-ICP-MS zircon U-Pb geochronology and geodynamic implications of the Kribi metavolcanic rocks, Nyong Group, Congo craton
Hermine Mvodo · Sylvestre Ganno · Gus Djibril Kouankap Nono · Donald Hermann Fossi · Philomene Estelle Nga Essomba · Marvine Nzepang Tankwa · Jean Paul Nzenti


Evine Laure Njiosseu Tanko · Prince Emilien Danguene · Philomene Nga Essomba Tsoungui · Sylvestre Ganno · Jonas Didero Takodjou Wambo · Bertin Guy Takam Tchoupe · Gus Djibril Kouankap Nono · Timoleon Ngnotue · Boniface Kankeu · Jean Biandja · Jean Paul Nzenti


Chemical composition of oscillatory zoned garnets from the large-scale Mengya’a Pb–Zn skarn deposit: implications for fluid physicochemical conditions and formation
Yan Zhang · Cuihua Chen · Yulong Yang · Xuhao Kang · Ying Gu · Xiang Lai · Xiaojie Chen

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