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(Vol. 36, No.3 September 2017)





Effect on greenhouse gas balance of converting rice paddies to vegetable production
Lei Wu • Xian Wu • Ronggui Hu

355 Seasonal changes in TC and WSOC and their 13C isotope ratios in Northeast Asian aerosols: land surface–biosphere–atmosphere interactions
Chandra Mouli Pavuluri • Kimitaka Kawamura


The oceanic cycles of the transition metals and their isotopes
Derek Vance • Corey Archer • Susan H. Little • Michael Kobberich • Gregory F. de Souza

363 Geochemical tracing and modeling of surface and deep water–rock interactions in elementary granitic watersheds (Strengbach and Ringelbach CZOs, France)
Francois Chabaux • Daniel Viville • Yann Lucas • Julien Ackerer • Coralie Ranchoux • Clio Bosia •Marie-Claire Pierret • Thierry Labasque • Luc Aquilina • Robert Wyns • Catherine Lerouge •Chrystel Dezaye • Philippe Négrel


Occurrence and distribution of hydroxylated isoprenoid glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers (OH-GDGTs) in the Han River system, South Korea
Sujin Kang • Kyoung-Hoon Shin • Jung-Hyun Kim


The hydrogen and oxygen isotopic compositions of hydroxyl in clay mineral from a weathering profile: New proxies for paleo-climate change?
Chengfan Yang • Shouye Yang • Ni Su


Vital effects of K isotope fractionation in organisms: observations and a hypothesis
Weiqiang Li


Biogeochemistry of methanogenesis with a specific emphasis on the mineral-facilitating effects
Yahai Lu • Wei Zhang


Seasonal shifts in the solute ion ratios of vadose zone rock moisture from the Eel River Critical Zone Observatory
Jennifer L. Druhan • Nicole Fernandez • Jia Wang • William E. Dietrich • Daniella Rempe


Sequestration of carbon as carbonate in the critical zone: insights from the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau
Albert Galy • Yibo Yang • Xiaomin Fang

392  The hydrologic record of karst systems: linking soil moisture to the carbon isotope signatures of soils above the Blue Spring cave system
Yuchen Liu • Jessica L. Oster • Jennifer L. Druhan  


A review of POPs in the fragile critical zone of the Tibetan Plateau: transport and transformation
Jun Li • Guoli Yuan 

400  Tourmaline activated persulfate for degradation of Sirius Türkis GL 01
Chih-Huang Weng
405  Concentration–discharge patterns of weathering products from global rivers
Daniel E. Ibarra • Seulgi Moon • Jeremy K. Caves • C. Page Chamberlain • Kate Maher
410  Sources of dissolved inorganic carbon in rivers from the Changbaishan area, an active volcanic zone in North Eastern China
Xue Bai • Benjamin Chetelat • Yilong Song
416  Ecosystem service delivery in Karst landscapes: anthropogenic perturbation and recovery
Timothy Quine • Dali Guo • Sophie M. Green • Chenglong Tu • Iain Hartley • Xinyu Zhang • Jennifer Dungait •Xuefa Wen • Zhaoliang Song • Hongyan Liu • Heather Buss • Timothy Barrows • Richard Evershed •Penny Johnes • Jeroen Meersmans
421 Accurate and precise determination of lead isotope composition in selected geochemical reference materials
Guangliang Wu • Jian-Ming Zhu • Decan Tan • Guilin Han • Lixing Zhang • Kun Ren
426  Uranium comminution age responds to erosion rate semi-quantitatively
Le Li • Laifeng Li • Gaojun Li
429  Revisiting the dissolution of biogenic Si in marine sediments: a key term in the ocean Si budget
Patrick Frings
433  Rare earth element chemistry indicates chemical alteration of zircons during the evolution of weathering profile
Ni Su • Shouye Yang • Wei Yue   
437  Boron isotope geochemistry of Zigetang Co saline lake sediments, Tibetan Plateau
Xiaodan Wang • Congqiang Liu • Zhiqi Zhao • Shijie Li • Gangjian Wei
440 Distribution of rare earth elements of granitic regolith under the influence of climate
Hairuo Mao • Congqiang Liu • Zhiqi Zhao • Junxiong Yang  
446  The influence of urbanization on karst rivers based on nutrient concentration and nitrate dual isotopes: an example from southwestern China
Zhong-Jun Wang • Fu-Jun Yue • Jie Zeng • Si-Liang Li  
452  Source and composition of sedimentary organic matter in the head of Three Gorges Reservoir: a multiproxy approach using d13C, lignin phenols, and lipid biomarker analyses
He Ding • Changfeng Zhu • Kai Zhang • Shangbin Xiao • Xingqian Cui • Yongge Sun  
456  Effects of slope position and land use on the stability of aggregate-associated organic carbon in calcareous soils
Man Liu • Guilin Han • Zichuan Li • Taoze Liu • Xiaomin Yang • Yuntao Wu • Zhaoliang Song 
462  An EXAFS investigation of the mechanism of competitive sorption between Co(II) and Ni(II) at γ-alumina/solution interface
Wenxian Gou • Junfeng Ji • Wei Li  
465  CO2 emission and organic carbon burial in the Xinanjiang Reservoir
Fushun Wang • Baoli Wang • Tao Zhou • Tianyu Chen • Jing Ma 
469  Effects of topography and vegetation on distribution of rare earth elements in calcareous soils
Zhaoliang Song • Yuntao Wu • Xiaomin Yang • Zijuan Xu • Linan Liu • Xiaodong Zhang • Qian Hao •Shaobo Sun • Guilin Han • Congqiang Liu  
474  Rock chemical weathering by sulfuric acid: pathway, method and prospect
Dong Zhang • Zhiqi Zhao  
479  Effects of Cd on reductive transformation of lepidocrocite by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Chaolei Yuan • Fangbai Li • Rui Han • Tongxu Liu • Weimin Sun • Weilin Huang  
482  Low net primary productivity of dominant tree species in a karst forest, southwestern China: first evidences from tree ring width and girth increment
Jian Ni • Haiyang Xu • Libin Liu  
486  Big difference in 87Sr/86Sr ratios of basalt and basin water: higher 87Sr/86Sr ratios in plagioclase
Laifeng Li • Gaojun Li  
489  Characteristics of CO2 in unsaturated zone (~90 m) of loess tableland, Northwest China
Chao Song • Guilin Han • Yingchun Shi • Congqiang Liu • Pan Wang 
494  Role of hydro-geochemical functions on karst critical zone hydrology for sustainability of water resources and ecology in Southwest China
Xi Chen • Yimeng Sun • Richao Huang  
498  Sediment recycling and indication of weathering proxies
Yulong Guo • Shouye Yang • Chao Li • Lei Bi • Yun Zhao  
502 Microaerobic iron oxidation and carbon assimilation and associated microbial community in paddy soil
Yating Chen • Xiaomin Li • Tongxu Liu • Fangbai Li  
506  Hydrodynamic characteristics of Wujiangdu Reservoir during the dry season—a case study of a canyon reservoir
Haitao Zhang • Baoli Wang • Qiong Han • Jie Shi • Xiaolong Qiu • Tiejun Wang 
511  Test the topographic steady state in an active mountain belt
Kai Deng • Shouye Yang  
515  Characteristics of heavy metals in soils under different land use in a typical karst area, Southwest China
Yang Tang • Guilin Han  
519  Bioavailability of heavy metals in soil of the Tieguanyin tea garden, southeastern China
Jingwei Sun • Ruilian Yu • Gongren Hu • Songhe Jiang • Yunfeng Zhang • Xiaoming Wang  
525  Ecological stoichiometry of nitrogen, phosphorous, and sulfur in China’s forests
Yuntao Wu • Hongyan Liu • Zhaoliang Song • Xiaomin Yang • Zichuan Li • Qian Hao • Linan Liu  
531  Determination of brominated diphenyl ethers in atmospheric particulate matter using selective pressurized liquid extraction and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry with a negative chemical ionization
Qian Zhang • Yongxiao Wang • Guilin Han • Tao Liang  
535  Soil organic carbon dynamics study bias deduced from isotopic fractionation in corn plant
Chenglong Tu • Congqiang Liu • Xiaohui Lu • Lifeng Cui • Jiayin Du  
539  Effects of organic mineral fertiliser on heavy metal migration and potential carbon sink in soils in a karst region
Ping Chen • Yulong Ruan • Shijie Wang • Xiuming Liu • Bin Lian  
544  The in situ spectral methods for examining redox status of c-type cytochromes in metal-reducing/oxidizing bacteria
Xiaobo Luo • Yundang Wu • Xiaomin Li • Dandan Chen • Ying Wang • Fangbai Li • Tongxu Liu  
548  Dated deposition couplets link catchment erosion flux with storm discharge on the Chinese Loess Plateau
Zhangdong Jin • Xiaqing Wang • Xinbao Zhang  
552 Behavior of rare earth elements in granitic profiles, eastern Tibetan Plateau, China
Lifeng Cui • Zhiqi Zhao • Congqiang Liu • Sheng Xu • Taoze Liu • Chenglong Tu • Hu Ding  
556  A preliminary study on ore-forming environments of Xianglushan-type iron deposit and the weathering mineralization of Emeishan basalt in Guizhou Province, China
Guofan Cheng • Youping Liu • Hansheng Long • Tao Cui • Ning Yu  
566  The importance of non-carbonate mineral weathering as a soil formation mechanism within a karst weathering profile in the SPECTRA Critical Zone Observatory, Guizhou Province, China
Oliver W. Moore • Heather L. Buss • Sophie M. Green • Man Liu • Zhaoliang Song 
572  Chemical characteristics of rainwater in karst rural areas, Guizhou Province, Southwest China
Pin Lü • Guilin Han • Qixin Wu 
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