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(Vol. 35, No.4 Dec. 2016)





Fractionation characteristics of rare earth elements (REEs) linked with secondary Fe, Mn, and Al minerals in soils
Chunying Chang · Fangbai Li · Chengshuai Liu · Jianfeng Gao · Hui Tong · Manjia Chen

340 Seasonal discharge and chemical flux variations of rivers flowing into the Bayhead canal of Durban Harbour, South Africa
Kavandren Moodley · Srinivasan Pillay · Keshia Pather · Hari Ballabh 



355  Distribution, fractionation, and contamination assessment of heavy metals in offshore surface sediments from western Xiamen Bay, China
Qiuli Yang · Gongren Hu · Ruilian Yu · Haixing He · Chengqi Lin 


Ra’s Abdah of the north Eastern Desert of Egypt: the role of granitic dykes in the formation of radioactive mineralization, evidenced by zircon morphology and chemistry
Ali A. Omran · Osama K. Dessouky


Copper partitioning between granitic silicate melt and coexisting aqueous fluid at 850 °C and 100 MPa
Shuilong Wang · Hui Li · Linbo Shang · Xianwu Bi · Xinsong Wang · Wenlin Fan


The genetic relationship between Habo alkaline intrusion and its surrounding deposits, Yunnan Province, China: geological and S–Pb isotopic evidences
Zhongneng Meng · Qian Zhang · Lin Ye · Yupin Liu · Jiangbo Lan · Dapeng Wang


Study on oil–source correlation by analyzing organic geochemistry characteristics: a case study of the Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation in the south of Ordos Basin, China
Delu Li · Rongxi Li · Baoping Wang · Zhi Liu · Xiaoli Wu · Futian Liu · Bangsheng Zhao · Jinghua Cheng ·Wenbin Kang


Standard-sample bracketing calibration method combined with Mg as an internal standard for silicon isotopic compositions using multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Honglin Yuan · Cheng Cheng · Kaiyun Chen · Zhian Bao


Geochemistry of sedimentary rocks from Permian–Triassic boundary sections of Tethys Himalaya: implications for paleo-weathering, provenance, and tectonic setting
Akhtar R. Mir · V. Balaram · Javid A. Ganai · Shamim A. Dar · A. Keshav Krishna


Dissipation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in crop soils amended with oily sludge
Shaoping Kuang · Wenjuan Yu · Yan Song · Yaqing Su · Huihui Wang · Lina Wang


Element geochemical characteristics of a soil profile developed on dolostone in central Guizhou, southern China: implications for parent materials
Xingxing Cao · Pan Wu · Zhenxing Cao

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