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Vol. 34, No.3 September 2015 TEXT SIZE: A A A


Chinese Journal of GEOCHEMISTRY 

(Vol. 34, No.3 September 2015)




Sulfur determination by laser ablation high resolution magnetic sector ICP-MS applied to glasses, aphyric lavas, and micro-laminated sediments
Xu-Jie Shu Cin-Ty A. Lee


A large carbon pool in lake sediments over the arid/semiarid region, NW China
Jianghu Lan, Hai Xu, Bin Liu, Enguo Sheng, Jiangtao Zhao, Keke Yu


Distributional characteristics and sources of elements in soil from typical area of Pearl River Delta economic zone, Guangdong Province, China
Cai Yi, Zhang Qian, Zhang Yongbing, Wang Lei Dou, Shu-Zhen Shen, Hai-Yan Du


Heavy metal(loid) pollution in mine wastes of a Carlin-type gold mine in southwestern Guizhou, China and its environmental impacts
Ping Li, Junfang Zhang, Jianxu Wang, Zhonggen Li


The controls on the composition of biodegraded oils in the Liuhua11-1 Oilfield, Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea
Jiang Kaixi, He Wenxiang, Xiang Nian, Peng Li, Han Changchun, Guo Qingzheng


Spatial pattern and distribution regularity of soil environmental quality in East China
Zhang Lingyan, Wu Bo, Li Gang, Guo Shuhai


Characteristics of biomarker in source rocks of Linxi Formation in Taohaiyingzi region, Zhalute basin
Li Liu, You-jun Tang, Xing-chao Jiang


Discussion on the PGE anomalies and source materials of K-bentonite (Bed 5) in the Lower Cambrian Meishucun section, Yunnan
Lecai Xing, Mingzhong Zhou, Liang Qi, Zhilong Huang


Geochemistry of Late Archaean shaly BIF formed by oxic exogenic processes: an example from Ramagiri schist belt, Dharwar Craton, India
Meenal Mishra


Trace elements of Carboniferous–Permian coal from the Adaohai Mine, Daqingshan Coalfield, Inner Mongolia, China
Piaopiao Duan, Yanheng Li, Teng Guan


Characteristics of trace elements of the No. 9 coal seam from the Anjialing Mine, Ningwu coalfield, China
Wang Jinxi, Wang Qi, Tian Lei


Rare earth element geochemistry of Post- to Neo-archean shales from Singhbhum mobile belt, Eastern India: implications for tectonic setting and paleo-oxidation conditions
Akhtar R. Mir


Determining the fluorescent components in drilling fluid by using NMR method
Wang Zhizhan, Qin Liming, Lu Huangsheng, Li Xin, Cai Qing


Environmental baseline evaluation of lead in shallow groundwater based on statistical and spatial outlier identification
Linhua Sun 


Thermal evolution of aliphatic and aromatic moieties of asphaltenes from coals of different rank: possible implication to the molecular architecture of asphaltenes
Aminu Bayawa Muhammad


Metal contamination assessment in the urban stream sediments and tributaries of coastal area southwest Nigeria
Abiodun M. Odukoya, Olumuyiwa Akande


Petrography and stable isotopic variations in Dalmiapuram Formation of Cauvery Basin, South India: implication on OAE1d
J. Madhavaraju, A. N. Sial, S. M. Hussain, R. Nagarajan, S. Ramasamy

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