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Chinese Journal of GEOCHEMISTRY

(ISSN 1000-9426)

(Vol. 33, No. 3 September 2014)



LA-ICP-MS U-Pb zircon geochronology and Hf isotope, geochemistry and kinetics of the Daxigou anorthosite from Kuruqtagh block, NW China

YUAN Qian, CAO Xiaofeng, LÜ Xinbiao, WANG Xiangdong, YANG Enlin, LIU Yuegao, RUAN Banxiao, LIU Hong, and MUNIR Mohammed Abdalla Adama


Quality assessment and hydrogeochemical characteristics of groundwater in Agastheeswaram taluk, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu, India

Srinivas Y., Hudson Oliver D., Stanley Raj A., and Chandrasekar N.


Distributions and hydrogen isotopic compositions of plant leaf wax from Orinus kokonorica along a general aridity gradient around Lake Qinghai, China

YAO Yuan and LIU Weiguo


Sr speciation in producing SrCO3 with celestite

LIU Chenglun, ZHANG Li, XU Longjun, SU Zhimin, XIE Taiping, and WANG Yuan


Atmospheric pollutants transport tracks revealed from 131I, 137Cs, and 134Cs leaked from Fukushima accident and 7Be and 210Pb observed at Guiyang of China

WAN Enyuan, ZHENG Xiangdong, WANG Shilu, WAN Guojiang, and WANG Changsheng


Bioleaching behavior and surface property of pyrites in different metallogenic conditions

ZHANG Xun, GU Guohua, HU Keting, WANG Chongqing


Mobilization and redistribution of elements in soils developed from extreme weathering basalt on Hainan Island

LI Jianwu, ZHANG Ganlin, and GONG Zitong


Accumulation and risk assessment of heavy metals in dust in main living areas of Guiyang City, Southwest China

LI Xiaoyan, ZHANG Shuting, and YANG Mei


Geochemical process of fluorine in soil

Liu Xiaojing, Wang Binbin, and Zheng Baoshan


The geochemical multi-fractal characteristics and mineralization of the Dehelongwa copper- gold deposit

MAO Zhengli, LAI Jianqing, and YANG Bo


Research on the inversion of elemental abundances from Chang’E-2 X-ray spectrometry data

BAN Chao, ZHENG Yongchun, ZHU Yongchao, ZHANG Feng, XU Lin, and ZOU Yongliao


Distribution and controlling factors of selenium in weathered soil in Kaiyang County, Southwest China

REN Haili and YANG Ruidong


A review on bivalve shell, a tool for reconstruction of paleo-climate and paleo-environment

YAN Hui, CHEN Jie, and XIAO Jun


Study on the element geochemical charactersitics of the Shazi large-sized anatase ore deposit in Qinglong, Guizhou Province

ZHANG Min, NIE Aiguo, XIE Fei, ZHU Mingjin, and ZHANG Zhuru




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