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(Vol. 39, No.6 2020)





Germanium/silica ratio and trace element composition of Early Cambrian siliceous rocks in Keping: implications for the siliceous rocks'formation and paleoenvironment interpretations
Zixuan Guan · Shibiao Deng · Peixian Liu · Yiqiu Jin · Xingchun Cao 


In situ LA-ICP-MS analyses of mica and wolframite from the Maoping tungsten deposit, southern Jiangxi,China
Guanghong Chen · Jianfeng Gao · Jianjun Lu · Rongqing Zhang


Mineralogy and geochemistry of pozzolans from the Tombel Plain, Bamileke Plateau, and Noun Plain monogenetic volcanoes in the central part of the Cameroon Volcanic Line
Mbowou Ngantche Igor Fulbert · Owona Sébastien · Chako Tchamabe Boris · Lissom Justin · Lanson Bruno · Ekodeck Georges Emmanuel


Zircon U–Pb geochronology, whole-rock geochemical, and Sr–Nd–Pb isotopic constraints on the timing and origin of Permian and Triassic mafic dykes from eastern North China Craton
Shen Liu · Caixia Feng · Yan Fan · Xiaoqing Chen · Yuhong Yang · Huibo Zhao · Ian M. Coulson


Geotectonic significance of the Neoproterozoic ophiolitic metagabbros of Muiswirab area, South Eastern Desert, Egypt: constraints from their mineralogical and geochemical characteristics
Moustafa M. Mogahed · Wlaa Mahmoud Saad


Contribution of Asian dust to soils in Southeast China estimated with Nd and Pb isotopic compositions
Jianwu Li · Zhaoliang Song · Lukas Van Zwieten · Li Ruan · Feili Li


Geology, geochemistry, fluid inclusions and O–H stable isotope constraints on genesis of the Lake Siah Fe-oxide ± apatite deposit, NE Bafq, Central Iran
Ebrahim TaleFazel · Mahin Rostami


Chemical compositions of sulfides in the porphyry Cu ores, Yangla Cu deposit, Yunnan, China: implication for ore genesis
Xinfu Wang · Bo Li · Zuopeng Xiang · Yan Yue · Guo Tang


Distribution and geochemical significance of dibenzofurans, phenyldibenzofurans and benzo[b]naphthofurans in source rock extracts from Niger Delta basin, Nigeria
Abiodun B. Ogbesejana · Oluwasesan M. Bello


Guadalupian (Middle Permian) δ13Corg changes in the Lower Yangtze, South China
Hengye Wei · Ziao Geng · Xuan Zhang

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